Titanium Dioxide, the third largest inorganic chemical in the world, also the best performance white pigment in the world for the moment, is an irreplaceable pigment product in the industrial field. It is mainly divided into Rutile grade, Anatase grade and Enamel grade.


The dominant production method in China is sulfuric acid method: Titanium ore dissolved and precipitated by adding sulfuric acid, after hydrolyzing, roasting, surface treatment, grinding and packing, get the final product.

Its downstream application industries are mainly coating, plastic, ceramic, glass, ink, paper and other industries.

Relying on its huge resources advantage, Redstar chemical group has established a friendly and mutually beneficial strategic partnership with its’ suppliers by supplying raw material–Titanium ore and purchasing Titanium Dioxide at the same time in a two-way cooperation mode.

We are currently supplying: Rutile Grade, mainly used in the industry of paint, coating, ink and plastic, etc,

Anatase Grade, mainly used in the industry of paper making, fiber and ceramic.

Enamel Grade, mainly used in the industry of ceramic, ceramic glass and glass fiber.

Our products are exported to South America, Europe, Asia and other important international markets.

Redstar Chemical Group, worthy of your trust!


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